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The Blackpool Tower "Experience"

Blackpool Tower Title

Sometimes, you just run out of excuses. It's a fact of life that you can only put of some things for so long, then you eventually have to suck it up and actually face the truth. As abhorrent as it may be to you, the inevitable will catch up with you; you're going to have to go to Blackpool.

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Nintendo 3DS Review

3DS Banner

Okay... So, I love gaming, but one thing I'm a real sucker for is a new gaming platform. So I rounded up my old DS's and sold them, did a bit of freelance email server work, saved a few pennies and traded in a huge stockpile of junk and bought a 3DS.

I've been disparaging about Nintendo and their “rinse and repeat”, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try things out, it's always the quirky stuff I love and I'm sure you can find it.

So, how about a full review?

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Ooglies CBBC Show Review  Banner

Welcome to the latest obsession of the Family_Furie. Ooglies is one of those fantastic shows that all the family can sit down together to watch, and enjoy thoroughly. All you need to do is leave all adult sensibilities in the cupboard under the stairs... Ooglies is puerile, childish, ridiculous, silly and utterly hilarious.

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Alton Towers February Half-Term week

Alton Towers Banner

Alton Towers opened its doors to the public for the first time in 2010 on Saturday (13th February 2010). Family_Furie was there to find out what's new, improved, different or worth visiting at this time of the year for.

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Pontins Southport "Christmas Holiday"


We were invited by Pontins for a free holiday over the weekend before Christmas. Let it not be said that we're cheapskates, but free? Of course we'd take them up on the offer - despite some reservations.

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EyePet - Sony PS3

Sony EyePet Review banner

In October, Sony released their attempt at capturing the Nintendogs market share for the PS3. Their plan? Make the pet actually live in your home.

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Invizimals - Sony PSP

Invizimals Banner

 Invizimals is a new twist on the classic creature "collect and fight" genre. Essentially it's the Sony version of Pokémon, but with a twist.

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A. Mazing Monster Series

A. Mazing Monsters Title Banner

In 1977, a ten year old Christopher Slater drew four monsters. His father, Jim, wrote stories based around them. So was born the A. Mazing Monsters series of books.

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Plasticine Review

Hot on the heels of James May, we're here to see if Plasticine still has a place in the world of today's kids.

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James May's Toy Stories

Who is James May? Well, he made his face known as one of the new presenters on the new format Top Gear - not a bad place to show you're cool with this millennium's light entertainment crowd. Other than that though, James May is just "a nice bloke". He's more than that though, he's a nice bloke with some good ideas of how things should be.