Virtual building blocks? What about real toys? Silly Sony.

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I may be missing something, but...

Playstation Move setup

Sony PS3: £250

Playstation Move Starter Pack: £50


Tumble Game (

Playstation Move game "Tumble": £7

Total: £307

Box of wooden play bricks? A fiver.

For those who don't know, the Playstation Move is the Sony answer to the Wii (okay, let's not go into the fact that Sony had this working and ready to go long before Nintendo produced the Wii). Sony bandy around the phrase "Augmented Reality". This means that the Playstation 3 replaces the real world. That's fine if you want to step out of reality and play with a pretend monster, shoot aliens or clean a crocodile's teeth... However, I think I'm missing the point when the game involves: building a tower of virtual blocks and making sure it doesn't fall.

Sony's "Tumble" is such a block building simulator, only without the tactile feedback of real blocks, and with limits imposed on you. Personally, I gave up building with blocks for personal gratification when I was six or so. The idea of revisiting my lost youth using a light up clown's nose on a stick on the TV in the living room just passes by me completely.

Don't get me wrong, I think PS Move is a great product. It works well and has some good games, but why make a game based on building blocks? As an experiment, I got out the blocks on Sunday morning. Maxi-Minor_Furie and I had a good hour of play with them and made some brilliant constructs, which were then either deliberately knocked down (with no little impish malice from the five year old), or tumbled due to the wonky table of their own accord.

It was a great revisit of my youth, with a child. Nothing beats the real life wobble of that last brick on a tower, knowing you've used all your fine motor skills to make it happen. The solid wooden clunk as the fall is also more real than any other noise I know. To top it off, there's the fun game of "pulling out the fridge to try and find the blocks that have somehow got under it" to round up the entertainment.

So are we really so desperate to mimic real life with consoles and computers we need to take the toys from our children's hands? What next ? Virtual hide and seekFarming tracts of virtual land? Popping bubble wrap?

And our greatest accomplishment? This fine tower for a Kinder egg toy!

Real life blocks