PS3 Game disks splitting/cracking.

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Bit of consumer advice here...

Was playing Lego Rockband last night, when suddenly the disk ejected. Tried a couple of times to get it to work, but it kept on getting spat out.

Checked the disk - it's got a crack in it at the centre of the disk. This is the third disk this year I've had now which has cracked/split at the centre.

The first one (Motorstorm: Pacific Ridge) I didn't have the receipt for. I had to call Sony, and they said they'd never heard of anything like this, and it needed to be returned to the retailer. As I didn't have the receipt, I couldn't. One £35 coaster.

I assumed that the damage had occurred due to one of the kids being a bit rough getting the disk into the case (I'm the only one takes them out, and I always use the "button" in the middle).

Then our copy of Ghostbusters did the same. This time I was prepared, I always keep my receipts now. Took it back to Game, who scowled at Maxi-Minor_Furie but replaced the disk. Fair enough, there was still a chance it was MMF who had damaged it, but the disks are kept on a high shelf Minor_Furie can barely reach. Even so, putting a game in a case (or getting it out) shouldn't damage a disk.

Anyway, Lego Rockband. This is an easy one. I've put the disk into the PS3 three times. I have personally taken the disk out, and put it away again myself (three times out, twice in). Nobody else has touched the disk, but it has split. Not just between plays, but right in the middle of playing the game.

So, I did some more research. It appears that since my first problem earlier this year with MS:PR, there have been a lot more cases of people having problems with disks cracking/splitting. Sony are claiming in all cases "never heard of anything like it" and putting the blame on mishandling by the end user.

However, it does appear that there is a quality issue with some blu-ray disks, and they're coming out of the factory with minor defects in the disk. When the disk spins up to full speed, the defects become cracks, which then get worse until - pop- they hit the data area and your game is toast.

So, the consumer advice? Always, always, always keep your receipt. I keep mine now in the box with the game. The damage could come after ten minutes of play, or 100 hours - it depends on how bad the manufacturing fault is. Don't just write it off as dead and gone.

Consumer (UK) advice in the UK is that you should get at least 90 days from purchase out of the disk - but I suspect that if pushed, you could get a longer warranty.