Ooh the excitement!

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Well, today has been pretty dull in work. Sitting waiting for all the people to call with problems... As there's only about five people in, it's not exactly been thick and fast on the work front.

However, we just had a raffle to give away the presents we get each year off suppliers (bribes as they're often otherwise known).

I got first pick, and had the choice of an expensive bottle of Port, or some Stilton. I love Port, but Madame_Furie loves Stilton. So it was a dire choice between the two.

I plumped for the Stilton, as I'm nice.

I told Madame_Furie, and she said "I'd have preferred the Port". Poot!

I hate Stilton, and it stinks on my desk.

Ah well, home time soon - I'd best think about wrapping some presents up...