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Welcome to the latest obsession of the Family_Furie. Ooglies is one of those fantastic shows that all the family can sit down together to watch, and enjoy thoroughly. All you need to do is leave all adult sensibilities in the cupboard under the stairs... Ooglies is puerile, childish, ridiculous, silly and utterly hilarious.

At its most basic, Ooglies is a stop motion animation show with slapstick humour. The joy is the characteristics the animators have managed to give the various household objects and foods involved.

The show is split into short sketches where something comes to life (the life given by the Ooglie eyes) and gets caught up in some kind of utterly ridiculous situation. Through the sketches and programmes, there are repeated characters and scenes - given a new twist each time.

The Donuts are incompetent building contractors, asked to build walls of pink wafers, or ice a cake - usually resulting in their large chocolate donut supervisor getting covered in cream.

Or the red chilli peppers who spin around things and invariably cooks them, to be followed by a small, puffing and panting green chilli who will add a final garnish.

There's a tale of love between two strawberries, separated forever by the vast chasm between kitchen units. Attempts to cross the gorge always ending in disaster.

How about the biker eggs (those damn bad eggs), tearing up the kitchen and trying to avoid getting boiled alive?

The lonely sprout nobody loves? The evil blender tricking vegetables into its maw? Rotten zombie vegetables in the bin? If it's completely stupid, you'll find it here somewhere.

So, put on CBBC and settle down for ten minutes of pure joy and laughter with your kids, no matter how old they. And don't forget to keep watching until the end to see how the guitar wielding nut finishes his song!

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