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Lego has recently announced a new range of products. No, it may just be me being an old fuddy duddy, but I thought the idea of Lego was to use your imagination to create a toy you wanted, and to let it loose on the world.

These new releases though seem to be a long way from that... Read on...

First up, and probably a pretty huge coup for Lego - Toy Story! That's right, you can now buy Lego versions of Buzz, Woody and Zurg. Okay, now these are actually unbelievably cute. It's difficult to remain anti-Lego here because they're so brilliant, so I shall quickly move over to an easier target.

Ben 10. For anyone without a boy under ten years old, Ben 10 is the latest boy cartoon/merchandise fad. You can't seem to move for Ben 10 at the moment. Of course, post Christmas you'll see a lot of it suddenly in special offers and bargain bins, but Lego seem to have jumped onto this fad. The problem with fads, is that they die quickly and suddenly. Lego are now pretty late into the Ben 10 market, just as it seems to have reached its peak. It's more "Technic" design though, so it may still appeal a little to those older boys looking at moving from basic bricks to something a little harder. The jury is definitely out though on this one.

An even easier target though? Prince of Persia. The Prince of Persia games have been a money spinner now for several years on most consoles (and PC). Though they don't seem to be doing quite so well now, there's a film due out later this year. It seems to be the film of the game which is getting the Lego treatment. Now, a long running film franchise (or a huge one) like Star Wars, Harry Potter or Indiana Jones I can understand, but a new film franchise, based on games the target audience aren't supposed to play? It doesn't make much sense to me.

It's not all bad new though. Following on from last year's Power Miners range, there's a new range of Lego's own intellectual property - Atlantis. A fantasy version of their water ranges, adding an exciting edge to their aquatic offerings. While this may not be the "box of bricks" I grew up with, it is still more akin to creating something and using imagination, as opposed to a Legofied Toy Story Alien.

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