Having a good break?

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I am :)

After a very dodgy tummy which started on Christmas day afternoon, I'm getting into the swing of this whole "time off" thing.

I like having large amounts of time off, as I actually 'get stuff done'.

So far I've fixed the broken bath drainage pipe, cabled up cat-5 into Minor_Furie's bedroom, taken maxi-minor_furie ice skating on the frozen park paddling pool, watched a silly amount of films, played a silly amount of Rockband and generally tidied, rearranged, chucked hammed and everything else required to create space for all of this year's new Christmas gumph!

It does mean I don't spend any time online... Real life eh? What a pain .

So, I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and I'll be back in the New Year at some point... First, I have a bath to re-panel, cables to tidy behind the hearth and pin properly to the walls, more trips to the tip, HD-TV's to research, shopping, playing, films, etc, etc, etc... I have to fit a day of work in there somewhere too... Hmmmm...

So, have a great time yourselves, and I'll talk to you when I finally manage to get a free twenty minutes.