Hamsters, Invizimals and EyePet!

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Well, I've had a quick play with all three now.

The Go Go Hamsters seem quite "cute" and work much better than I thought. Will write a full review after Christmas when I have had a chance to gauge the kids' reactions.

Invizimals is a Sony PSP "Pokemon" kind of game. However, it uses a camera on the PSP. Again, just a quick play so far and without kids. It's very cool the way that it works. You have to hunt for creatures in your home. The idea is that a creature you're hunting for likes certain colours, so you just find a flat surface with a colour they like on it - then the game plays hotter/colder with you until you find the creature. It suddenly appears superimposed on your table/floor/chair/whatever and you place down a "trap" card (supplied) which you use to get the creature.

So unlike Pokemon where you wander a 2D in game map, this game uses your entire home. The most impressive thing about it is the way that it knows when you're panning, tilting and "zooming" and changes the appearance of the creature correctly in real time. Very, very, very cool!

That's as far as I've got. The main game is a battle against other creatures, with a system much like the Pokemon paper/scissors/rock system.

EyePet is still an egg, I need to let Maxi-Minor_Furie hatch it, which I'll help him with once I've got back from work. Again, looks like a lot of "fun" for the"kids" 

Full reviews of both soon!