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  • New Lego Range.   2 years 37 weeks ago

    The new 3-D games are all 12 or 15 age rated.

    You also don't look in the right bargain bins 

    I reckon everyone has been so wowed by the 3D glasses, they've been blinded to the truth

  • New Lego Range.   2 years 37 weeks ago

    so what age is the prince of persia game?


    I disagree about ben ten though - it's big all year round and is 'cool' with a big age range, despite the programme being rubbish. You don't get ben ten stuff in bargain bins.


    the 3D glasses are good :)

  • Pontins Southport "Christmas Holiday"   2 years 41 weeks ago

    i have to agree with everything said above and to include that while swimming, the fire alarm went off leaving everyone shivering, wet and wrapped in foil blankets out in the snow, not a good start :(

    but even that didn't put my children off. they loved every minute of it, the entertainment, arcades, santa, reindeers, ice skating. even just pelting me with snow balls.

    i would also like to point out in Pontins favour the cost of living in their "flats" electricity costs can vary, i put in an average of £6 per 24hrs which is not bad considering i had all the heating on constantly and in the summer i only put in £1 per day. the shops are also quite reasonable, not much difference to tesco and as they have a captive audience they could charge a lot more as do Haven and Butlins.

    and finally, the bar...... childrens soft drinks in character cups cost £1.69 and refills (you can bring your cups back in with you each time) only 69p and a double vodka and coke £3.05

    so in conclusion, the children had fun, were relaxed and happy so in return i too was relaxed and happy.

    for a free holiday, it couldnt have gone better. well done Pontins!

  • Mr Squiggles - We've found you!   2 years 44 weeks ago

    Argos now have stocks! It appears the great hamster drought on '09 has come to an end.

    Looks like Santa won't be failing to bring these little critters to all the good girls and boys who asked for them.

  • Favourite Flavour Fly?   2 years 44 weeks ago

    dragon flys with the wings plucked off, go down a treat I must say.

  • Favourite Flavour Fly?   2 years 44 weeks ago

    I always found that the wings got stuck in my throat. They're a bit long and stringy. Crane flies for the win!

  • An apology...   2 years 44 weeks ago

     That was amazing, thank you :)

  • Plasticine Review   2 years 45 weeks ago

    Yeah, I read on the website of the people who own it now (Flair) that they have changed the compounds used to make it over the years.

    It still works just as well, just doesn't have that yummy smell any more.

  • Plasticine Review   2 years 45 weeks ago

    Did you notice it doesn't smell the same way as it used to?  Almost scented nowadays.

    Plasticine is way better than playdoh cos it doesn't dry out!

  • Mr Squiggles - We've found you!   2 years 45 weeks ago

    We're now the proud owners of six of the little blighters. Fortunately, they're going to be squeaking their way onto e-bay ASAP! 

  • About Us   2 years 45 weeks ago

    I miss that lil critter... :-(

  • About Us   2 years 45 weeks ago

    the furie family!!!!  i will remember that and call it you now!!!!  haven't managed to break anything yet!!!

    claire x