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Nintendo 3DS Review

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Okay... So, I love gaming, but one thing I'm a real sucker for is a new gaming platform. So I rounded up my old DS's and sold them, did a bit of freelance email server work, saved a few pennies and traded in a huge stockpile of junk and bought a 3DS.

I've been disparaging about Nintendo and their “rinse and repeat”, but that doesn't mean I'm not willing to try things out, it's always the quirky stuff I love and I'm sure you can find it.

So, how about a full review?

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Virtual building blocks? What about real toys? Silly Sony.

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I may be missing something, but...

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All the small things

It's been a while since my last review/blog - sorry, I've been working on another major project for the last six weeks or so. Anyway, have a brief article I wrote for the CoasterForce newsletter recently.

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Become a Woollies Toy Tester!!!

That's Woolies as in Woolworths, not toasty warm under garments.

Yes, Woolies are currently advertising for "Toy Testers" to give feedback on new ranges as a product tester. Their Very Important Family scheme will give you the opportunity to try out toys and clothes and ensure that others will enjoy the products.

If you've ever wanted to give it a go, then head over here:


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Paultons Park announces "Peppa Pig World"

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Paultons Park announce "Peppa Pig World"

Paultons Park, Southampton recently announced the development of a Peppa Pig World at their family theme park. Featuring seven Peppa Pig themed attractions and set over nearly 3 acres of land - this promises to be an excellent addition to Paultons.

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Saturdays eh?

 Madame_Furie is currently doing a college course (GCSE in pedantry I think) and had work to do for it. So on Thursday I said I'd take the kids into town and get them out of her way for a few hours.

On Friday, Madame_Furie took the kids into town, which completely ruined my plans So, Saturday rolls up, and I have to do something with the minor_furies.

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A look back at Christmas 2009

We'll ignore, for the moment, that I broke the galleries here today . Instead, I'll concentrate on the photos I took on Christmas day - which I just found on a memory card...

It's an odd one, Christmas is all preparation, stress and then half an hour of paper ripping and three weeks of trying to find space for everything (and the inevitable expense and stress of buying new furniture and rearranging rooms).

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New Lego Range.

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Lego has recently announced a new range of products. No, it may just be me being an old fuddy duddy, but I thought the idea of Lego was to use your imagination to create a toy you wanted, and to let it loose on the world.

These new releases though seem to be a long way from that... Read on...

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Having a good break?

I am :)

After a very dodgy tummy which started on Christmas day afternoon, I'm getting into the swing of this whole "time off" thing.

I like having large amounts of time off, as I actually 'get stuff done'.

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Ooh the excitement!

Well, today has been pretty dull in work. Sitting waiting for all the people to call with problems... As there's only about five people in, it's not exactly been thick and fast on the work front.

However, we just had a raffle to give away the presents we get each year off suppliers (bribes as they're often otherwise known).

I got first pick, and had the choice of an expensive bottle of Port, or some Stilton. I love Port, but Madame_Furie loves Stilton. So it was a dire choice between the two.

I plumped for the Stilton, as I'm nice.

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