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About Us

So? Who are "The Family_Furie"? Well, the tale starts many years ago with... A Hamster.

Named after a character in a book (a cookie to anyone who can tell me which), my favourite hamster of all time was called "Furie". It seemed such an inappropriate name for a little ball of fluff.

After he died, and my online presence increased (with the dawning of the era of the Internet), I took on the pseudonym "Furie" for myself. When I developed a family, I protected them (in the era of "OMG everyone on the internet is a paedophile") by giving them their own pseudonym.

Over the year, in the small online communities I've frequented, it's become something of a standard that this is what I call the family. We consist of myself, Furie; my wife Madame_Furie; eldest son Minor_Furie and youngest son Maxi-Minor_Furie.

The punctuation devices are vital. It's always-a-hyphen-before-the-last-bit-of-description-then-an-underscore_furie. I have no idea why, but it's important.

Over the years, I've posted online about pretty much all of our trips, purchases, endeavours, etc. This site is essentially the final product of that. All of the experience that has been scattered on gaming/roller coaster/money saving sites is now contained in a single handy place.

The idea is that we will give an honest (if opinionated) idea of what you should expect from something, if you have a family. We hope that you will find something of use on here, somethnig that encourages you go out and try something new, or to avoid what may seem to be your idea of a complete nightmare. All the members of Family_Furie will add to this site in their own way - so hopefully you'll get a well rounded, well reasoned set of opinions.

Thanks for reading,