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Merry Christmas from all the Family_Furie

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All the best wishes from everyone in the Family_Furie. I hope to see you all in the new year, and be prepared for a flurry of new toy and game reviews once the (ahem) kids have finished testing them out.

So all the best for the holidays everyone!

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Let the eggman help protect your kids on the PS3 this Christmas

Did you know there is a website dedicated to helping you protect your kids while they use the PS3?

Did you know it's a colourful (if a little bizarre) eggman who does it?

I thought not, but it's true :)

Lots of really useful tips for adding security, parental controls, Trend Micro's PS3 browser security and controls, etc, etc, etc.

An absolute must read if you have a PS3 and children who use it.

Head over to watch the bizarre eggman here:


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Pontins Southport "Christmas Holiday"


We were invited by Pontins for a free holiday over the weekend before Christmas. Let it not be said that we're cheapskates, but free? Of course we'd take them up on the offer - despite some reservations.

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Rabbit Tragedy

Sadly, last night, I discovered that out two bunnies - Hermy and Izzy - had been attacked by a fox. It's always upsetting when a pet dies, but particularly so when it's so sudden and two of them.

Both rabbits were full of character and lived a happy life. The garden shed (undermined by their burrowing) will certainly never recover.

So it's farewell to the last of the Lop-eared Lagomorphs of Lucifer, or "the evils" as they became known (for their evil and nefarious ways).

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EyePet - Sony PS3

Sony EyePet Review banner

In October, Sony released their attempt at capturing the Nintendogs market share for the PS3. Their plan? Make the pet actually live in your home.

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Invizimals - Sony PSP

Invizimals Banner

 Invizimals is a new twist on the classic creature "collect and fight" genre. Essentially it's the Sony version of Pokémon, but with a twist.

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Cheap "Thomas" Rheneas and the Dinosaur sets at ELC - Going fast...

I don't know if it's a national clear out, but the Stafford Early Learning Centre is currently selling Brio sets (Rheneas and the Dinosaurs) for a bargain £20!

It's a simple figure eight circuit, but has a "mine shaft" bridge/tunnel section. This little bit of track alone sells for £22 in ELC. So the entire set (down from £60) is well worth it, either as a new track, or to expand existing.

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A. Mazing Monster Series

A. Mazing Monsters Title Banner

In 1977, a ten year old Christopher Slater drew four monsters. His father, Jim, wrote stories based around them. So was born the A. Mazing Monsters series of books.

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Behind the scenes stuff

Spent the last few days working on things behind the scenes here. I doubt anyone will notice anything mind, but there we go. Twitter integration refuses to work properly for each user - sorry about that, but after spending a long time taking apart the SQL databases and php code - just can't figure it out.

The rating system seems to be playing up too which is a pain in the backside. I'm sure I'll get it all sorted at some point.

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An apology...

I must apologise for no updates today - breaking my promise of adding something new each day. However, it's Madame_Furie's birthday so it couldn't be helped.

I shall leave you with a new classic from The Muppets as a way of recompence.


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